A new club house has come up adding value to our wonderful society. Its a marvelous white building around 2500 sq ft which has glass all around, infact it looks like a glass house. It is right the beginning of the society.

It has a sitting of around 45 pax, has a multi-gym, a tennis table, a kitchenette and the roof top has been made nicely so that residents can enjoy the whole summers. Its a luxury to have such club house in this area.

A full time resource is there to look after the club house who is also a good cook. This facility is purely for the residents of Raksha Retreat.

Club timings - Club shall be open from 0830 hrs to 2000 hrs, incase of dinner ( with due advance notice), time may be stretched to 2130 hrs.

All residents are most welcome to utilise the facility to their benefit. This shall be considered as personally cooked material by money of the resident to avoid a commercial penalty. Society shall charge 10% over and above the cost of material purchased for preparation of food towards conveyance and misc expense. For Bfast & Lunch, one day's advance notice i.e. latest 1500 hrs previous day, would be required. For dinner same day order could be given before noon. Home delivery - It may not be viable to do home delivery of the food to respective cottages, residents have to either consume the food at Club house or collect the food from the club house. Consumption of liquor & smoking may not be allowed as per laws of land. Society staff has been briefed to advice the residents accordingly.

Guest Rooms

Raksha Retreat is maintaining a club house in one of the cottages B-1. Gp Capt Vinod Mahajan, the owner of the Cottage is kind to offer his cottage for welfare of all residents. This club house offers the following facilities to all residents:

1. Two furnished comfortable guest rooms which are like home stay wherein the
guests of all residents come and stay. Costing is very reasonable and affordable.
2. All facilities of living and dining room are available with Television etc.
3. Full-fledged functional kitchen is also available.