Bhimtal is very well connected via air, train and road.

By Air – Small aircraft comes from Delhi 5 days a week taking just 45 minutes landing at Pant Nagar Airport which is 55 kms from Bhimtal and takes around 1.45 hours comfortable traffic free drive. Taxis are available at approx Rs 1600/- to drop at our location. Cost of air ticket ranges from Rs 2000/ incase booked in advance and may go upto Rs 4000/- at times but is very convenient. For more details, Visit:

By Train – Four trains are there from Delhi to Kathgodam out of which best is Shatabdi which leaves Delhi at 6 am and reaches Kathgodam at 1140 hrs. Bhimtal is around 26 kms from Kathgodam and it takes the taxi less than an hour. Taxi charges Rs 700/- in off season and around Rs 900/- in season time. On the way back Shatabdi leaves at 1535 hrs reaching Delhi at 2115 hrs. Very convenient indeed. For more details, Visit:

By Road – A total Distance of 320 kms from Lodhi road/Bara Pulla. Suggested timings to leave Delhi – 0500 hrs in the morning, it will make you reach within five and half hours. While going back one may leave either 0800 hrs which may take around six and a half hours or else at 1500 hrs so that one reaches Delhi after the traffic settles down.

Route to Bhimtal

From Delhi to Bhimtal:



Hapur Bye pass

Garh Shankar


Moradabad Bye Pass (As soon as you finish the Moradabad bye pass and move towards right on the same highway towards Rampur, you will travel around 2 kms and cross an old single bridge after which you will find a newly built fly over at the place called Dalpatpur, From Dalpatpur you will take left)

Dalpatpur ( From here you will travel around 16 Kms)

Chauraha Bilakudaan Berkhera ( From here turn right for Tanda)






Note: The highlighted portion above is the new portion which saves around 15-20 kms and also saves around 45 minutes to one hour of precious time.

While going back from Bhimtal:

Kathgodam (Take right from twin petrol pumps in Kathgodam byepassing Haldwani, this saves around 25 minutes and saves around 5 kms of traffic)



Tanda ( After crossing Tanda, exactly after 6.8 kms you will find a broad road going left and you will see this board, pic attached)

Chauraha Bilakudaan Berkhera ( From here travel around 16 kms, this is new 100 ft broad road)

Dalpatpur ( From here turn right on NH 24 to Delhi, Moradabad byepass is 2 kms from here)