Cottages On Sale

Residents of Raksha Retreat who are unable to spend time in this divine location are desirous of selling the cottages. One would be surprised to see the price of cottages which are so reasonable that one can not even get a single room in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon which is evident from the below advertisers.

It actually doesn't matter as to where the cottage is located because the main purpose of buying a property is for wellness of people which is achieved by enjoying all the five elements of nature viz-a-viz Earth (food grains and veges), Water ( flowing water full of minerals), Fire ( Sunlight), Air (too pure) and Ether ( sky - stars & planets) by just being present in that area. Morning and evenings, there are beautifully developed parks in the society in addition to a herbal garden where one could practice yoga.

One round within the society road is 1 km approx. Acquiring a cottage in Raksha Retreat in this cost would be a great gift for oneself and one would leave a legacy for their families and children.

Cottages On Rent

It makes a very good decision for people to hire cottages on rent who wish to stay in this beautiful colony with all facilities. There are people who stay in Goa during winters and thus people who wish to have relief from heat during summers, Raksha Retreat is a place to reckon with. Also Raksha Retreat is quite accessible for teachers and Professors working in Graphic Era University.

It is advisable for all residents not to rent it out to a group of people in sharing basis as it causes security threat not only to residents of whole society but also to your own property. RR2OWS has made certain rules in this regard wherein it is important that all credentials of the tenant be forwarded to the society viz-a-viz identification and adhar card alongwith the rent agreement so that a pass is made for the tenant post verification of documents.