Herbal Garden

"The thought of creating a herbal garden emanated around 2 years back when the builder attempted to encroach upon this area.
Garden in the polyhouse is of size 55 ft x 30 ft.

Ribbon cutting by Mr. Pant, BDO Bhimtal and Admiral Sushil Kumar

Views of famous Cricketer Mr Manoj Prabhakar, Arjun Awardee on Herbal Garden

How the garden was created:
               - There were huge boulders on this land which had to cleared from the JCB.

               - Then small stones were taken out with the help of the labor

               - Couple of pick-ups of mud were brought in

               - Then compost was mixed with the soil

               - A drain had to be prepared to channelize water coming from above

               - A staircase was built from the road to go down

               - A full fledged polyhouse/green house was sourced with high durability for longer life of the exotic plants of herbal garden.

- A list of around 50 aromatic and medicinal plants was prepared which were sourced from various places. E.g kinds of tulsi’s, Stervia – a natural replacement of sugar, organo, celery, parshley, lavender, Rose Merry, Geranium, Bhoomi Amvla, malaria booti etc. Just for your information usage of 5 kinds of plants Rose Mary, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Camphor and Oregano makes one of the best herbal teas. One leaf of each put together makes 4 cups of tea in a day and all these plants are there.

               - Then beds were prepared for the plants

I visited Medicinal Research Development Centre, Pant Ngr Agri Univ and met Dr Negi who guided how to go about the whole thing. Also did some research on the garden of Lodhi Garden Also visited RVC centre in Hempur, Ramnagar and saw how they brought out their herbal garden, also visited National Genetic Research Centre in Bhowali and learnt a lot of the herbs and tried to executve the same here.

The use of these herbs in terms of healing ailments has been displayed inside the garden. Residents can sit in the aroma of these aromatic and medicinal plants and also practice yoga as concrete strip has been made in the centre. Residents can pluck the leaves sparingly and use the herbs. After Aug it would be too cold to sit in the parks and thus this would be a good place for the residents to spend time as it would be warm inside. This park also brings balance in the society as most of the things like main park and club house are on top, now D row would be happy.

As we all know this land is a common land of all residents and developing the land is very important for beautification of our retreat. We need to give back to the mother earth as we always take from it.

Bankhandi Maharaj blessed this herbal garden. Adm Sushil Kumar (Formal Naval Chief) and Mr SK Pant, Block Development Officer Bhimtal were very kind to grace the occasion in addition to our respected residents present in Raksha Retreat.

Admiral Sushil and Block Dev Officer Mr Pant both were overwhelmed by the garden and said that this has added value to whole Kumaon Region.

High quality finishing touches in terms of all the displays and guidance were given by Mr Rajeev Oberoi.

A gift to Raksha Retreat by Captain & Mrs Ravee"