Tree Plantation Drive 2018

As you are aware we carry out some green drive every year. In 2015 and 2016 we carried out Tree plantation drives and in 2017 we created a Herbal Garden, we once again carried out Tree plantation drive on 6th Aug 2018.
We had planted a total of around 1000 saplings in past two years out of which around 650 survived in Raksha Retreat. Saplings have now become trees upto a height of around 10 ft even. Soon our society would be lush green as instead of cottage roofs we will see trees from across the valley. This year we have planted around 80 saplings as there is no place left.
According to the advice of Vankhandi Maharaj, it is important that we plant trees which bear fruits and benefit the birds and animals. Thus, we planted Jamun, Bedu and Guava trees.
We carried out Pooja at 0900 hrs on 6th Aug, followed by tree plantation wherein all the residents took part followed by B’Fast.
IMP OF TREES  – Trees play a major role in our lives. We use wood for our furniture and various things but we seldom think to repay the  mother Earth by planting trees. It would be very good if we present saplings in place of gifts when we go for calling on our friends on various occasions. Trees are full of life and do have spirits like human beings. They feel the pain and have all the capabilities to hear and record. Please give this wide publicity and do gift saplings to friends and in your circle, cost of a sapling is just Rs 10 to Rs 150 depending upon on what sapling you buy.
It may be noted that all our problems of Raksha Retreat went away as we planted the Trees, this is the biggest gift we can give to Mother Earth.