Tree Plantation Drive 2019

We carried out tree plantation drive on 13th & 14th Jul ( Pl see pics attached).

We planted following saplings under guidance of Vankhandi Maharaj:
1. Shehtoot 2. Padam 3. Sheesham 4. Jamun 5. Akhrot 6. Silver Oak (Baanjh) 7. Kachnar 8. Rudraksh 9. Beedu
A total of around 350 saplings were planted at the following locations:
1. 65 within the society campus
2. 100 on top of the feature behind our society
3. 70 at Nal - Damyanti Taal
4. 110 on top of Hidamba Ashram at Sattal

A total of around 17 residents planted one sapling each and this function was followed by group photo and high tea. It was a joyous function indeed. We have planted close to 1500 saplings in last few years out of which around 900 survived and the trees are visible in our society from distance. Admiral Sushil Kumar, former chief of Naval Staff who lives at Goludhar society expressed his happiness while I spoke to him that Raksha Retreat is looking green.

Spiritual Master and Guide Sh Gurpreetji presided over the tree plantation function. He said " Trees are like decorative clothes to mother earth and the Karma of Trees is so great that Trees would remain even after we leave this planet"

The plantation drive at Hidamba Ashram was initiated by Vankhandi Maharaj who was so overwhelmed with this activity that he took our botanical class for nearly 2 hours taking us all around the Hidamba ashram with his earlier efforts of planting trees. (Pl see pics att).